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  • SubjectBack again w/ my "oddball" wants. Previous traders of these items are more than welcome to respond and any new traders also!
  • DateJul 21 2019 9:18AM
Message : Primarily a collector of vintage "oddball" items mostly 60's & 70's BB and FB...items I like are Transfers, Ruboffs, Tatoos, Scratch Offs, Candy Lids, Punch Outs, Game Cards, Peel Offs, Sport Stamps, Giant/Super cards, Kelloggs cards especially 1971, 60's Post Cereal, 60's Jello, 60's Baseball Nu Cards, Discs, Stand Ups, Pins, Sport Coins, Bottle Caps, Posters, early publications, programs, yearbooks, tickets, ticket stubs, old felt pennants, early bobbin' dolls, old pocket schedules, regional issues, pre 1974 wrappers, ANY pre World War II issues, etc. etc. if it's odd and not listed here I still may be looking for it...Also do some trading of regular vintage issues also. Have lots to trade, if you can help send me your wants.

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