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More about the site
  • Your STP member page links will automatically appear in all of the post you make.
  • When someone responds to your posted messages you will automatically receive a link to their user profile in the message that they send to you. Click on their profile link and you'll see in an instant their STP point total, STP member web page, and find out more about what they like to collect.
  • We have two search tools. One search tool is for the message board, the other is for member pages.
  •  You can edit and or delete all of your old posted messages. You can find this feature inside of your profile.

What's the member profile?
In order to make the site as useful as possible, we encourage all members to provide as much specific information about your sports card collecting as possible. The member profile is a way for you to tell other traders about yourself and your sports card collecting. All of the messages that you post will have a link to your member profile. When someone responds to one of your posted messages you will see a link to their member profile right in the message that they send to you.

What about posting and receiving messages via email?
All posting must be done on the site.  Traders will still respond to your posted messages via email after they read it on the message board - the person contacting you will only obtain your email address after you respond to their message.

Will I be able to send pictures or other attachments when I respond to a message posted on the message board?

Messages forwarded by the Samstradingpost email forwarding system will not support attachments. After you make contact with a fellow trader directly you can send attachments as usual with your email program.

How do I post a message?
All messages are posted on the message board. Simply go to the trading board of your choice and click on the "Post New Message" button. Some Webtv users need to go to an actual posted message and click on the "Post New Message" button inside of a posted message.

How do I reply to a message?
Click on the "Reply" button that is located in the lower left corner of the message you are interested in. After you click the "Reply" button you can then type your message to the person you are responding to. Once you have completed typing your message press the "Send Reply" button and your message will be delivered via email to the person you are trying to contact. Once they respond to you the two of you will have each others email addresses and can proceed with your trading via email.

Can I remove my old messages?

Yes! You can remove or edit any messages from the live trading board that you have posted. Click on the "Profile" link at the top of the board and then click on "Manage Posts" under "Message Boards" member menu. Any edited messages will be sent again for approval prior to being posted on the board.

Can we mark the messages we've read already?
Yes. After you have clicked on a message the link will change color so that you'll know you've already read a particular post.

How can I contact a trader if all I have is their User Name?

Occasionally you might have someone's ID but not their email address. When this situation arises you can use our Contact A Trader form. Simply enter the ID of the person you are trying to contact along with a short note to them and an email message will be sent to the owner of that user name. Once they respond you will have their email address and can then communicate via email. 

How do I find a User Name of a fellow trader?

You can easily located the new User Name of all of the members you trade with regularly. Simply enter the email address of the person into our User Name Locater and you'll pull up their new User Name.

General samstradingpost.com Help

How do I leave Samstradingpost.com points?

We want everyone to know how to do this! Spend some time in the Point Forum. The Point Forum is where you can leave points for fellow members, look-up your point total, see who you have awarded points to and who has awarded you points go there now  to learn more!

I'm not showing-up in the Point Standings Room?

If you have 10 or more Samstradingpost.com Good Trader Points you are eligible to be listed in the Point Standings Room. We automatically send an email to you as soon as you reach 10 STP points - if you did not receive this email and want to be listed in the Point Standing Room please go to this page and register www.Samstradingpost.com NOW

What about bad traders?

Bad traders are rare but we must always remain vigilant and protect ourselves from those malicious few traders that do exist. Most of the time what people think is a bad trade is simply miscommunication or some sort of problem in the life of the trader in question. Keep in mind that computers and internet access crash, people get sick or need to leave town unexpectedly, or the numerous other events that might pull a trader away from their computer for a few days longer than they may have expected. Should you be having a problem with a trade contact us for assistance. DO NOT send a bad trader warning to the group, always contact us first! Remember to do all you can to avoid bad trades by "Trading Smart"! Read our " Smart Trader Tips" posted throughout the site!

What can I do if I get stolen from?

First of all if you think you've been stolen from contact us and we will try to help! Also, visit our Other Options page for more information.

What if I'm having problems with a trader?

If you are having problems with a member of the site do all that you can to remain calm; do not resort to name calling and rude behavior. Always contact us if you feel you need our help resolving any problems you might be having.

I want to learn how to be the best online sports card trader that I can be, where can I learn more?

Read The Sports Card Collectors Guide to Trading on the Internet. It's FREE!