Rules Before doing anything else you'll want to read our rules below:

  • 1. The groups are for trading only. Posting of sales and or purchase requests, auction announcements, editorials, polls, information about other trading clubs, or commercial content of any kind on the message boards is not allowed.  Additionally, contacting the members of for the sole purpose of promoting your sports card sales, sports card auctions, or commercial website is not permitted.

    2. Do not use profanity, obscenities or spiteful remarks on the message boards or in correspondence with members.  These actions are grounds for immediate termination of your subscription.

    3. Treat other members with respect.  Any abusive, inappropriate, or rude interaction with members and/or or its employees will result in the cancellation of your membership.

    4. Do not steal from, knowingly mislead, lie to, or threaten the members, or its employees. These actions are also grounds for immediate termination of your subscription.

    5. Five posts per sport per day maximum - but please not everyday, day after day.

    6. Do not post the same message every day. Wait 5 days before posting the same message. Keep in mind that not everyone checks their messages from the group daily, so give please give members a chance to get back to you.

    7. Sports Card Questions - Please do not post questions about cards unless you specifically state in your post that you need the information for a trade.

    8. Respond to the people who are trying to trade with you. Even if you do not have any interest in making a trade with someone, do not leave your fellow members hanging. A quick email saying "no thanks" is all that it takes to follow  this rule.

    9. Do not use the trading boards to try and contact a fellow member, instead you'll need to use the contact a fellow member form.

    10. Do not use the trading boards to report a trade problem, please contact us directly for help. We will post trader warnings once we have verified an actual problem.

    The members of this forum are very quick to report any violation of these rules to All members are encouraged to report rule violations to the group  moderator.  


  • 1. Don't always post in the exact same way.
    If you like to send a lot of separate messages that is fine, but you may want do that one week and then combine them into one big message the next. If you always post in the exact same way people will start to ignore your messages.

    2. Be specific
    Say what sports cards you want as well as what you have to trade whenever possible.

    3. Use your real first name
    Members like to know who their dealing with, it's also good email etiquette.

    4. Be organized
    When you post your messages on one of our trading boards be prepared and organized to respond to your fellow traders.

    5. Build a free scf member web page. 
    The links to these pages appear in your posts. In addition, member web pages are searchable, but if you don't have one you can't be searched.

    6. Write a good description about what you collect.
    The more specific you are in the "More about me and my collection" section of you profile the better. Other members read these descriptions in order to help them make trades with you quickly and efficiently.