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A Page by George

Welcome to my page. I first collected in the late 1950's when young. I resumed the hobby in the early 1990's and enjoy it today for the fun of collecting. I collect base sets and diamond kings base sets and DK sets from the regular donruss sets. I also enjoy archive type sets. I also collect upper deck legendary cuts, have the first few years of upper deck SP (lots of 1993 extras). The set I put together every year is regular Upper Deck. I also like Heroes of Baseball by Upper Deck and Allen & Ginter by Topps.
I will try to up-date this as time permits. You can e-mail me for my current wantlist with numbers. I have about 300,000 singles from the early 90's to date. About a third are upper deck base cards.

I have singles to trade from all base upper deck sets from 1989 to present. I also have singles to trade of diamond kings from 1982 to 2005. Have singles from many of the topps archive sets.

I also collect short base sets especially those with a mix of older and current players. Or if I just like the card design I will get it.

A card's monetary value is not important to me. I collect for the enjoyment.

I visited the newly remodeled Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. What a fantastic improvement.

Diamond Kings

Upper Deck Ultimate

opening day singles

Allen & Ginter

Singles from Upper Deck regular sets from 1989 til 2010