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Roberts Sportscards

Welcome to my tradepage. I have been collecting cards since 1978.
Let's trade ! This is just a portion of the cards I have. It would take me weeks to list every card. I'll be adding more as time allows.

Game Used Cards Up For Trade :

Baseball :

Dave Parker 2005 Donruss Leather & Lumber Bat/Jer. 5/100
Michael Young 2005 Leaf Coll. Bat 79/250
J.D. Drew 2005 Zenith Bat ZB-82
Travis Hafner 2005 Zenith Bat ZB-68
J.C. Romero 2003 Playoff Auto/Jersey POG-44
Tim Hudson 2005 Bat/Jers. 99/100
Tim Hudson 2004 UD Reflections Jersey
Chad Cordero 2003 UD Nat. Pride Jersey NP-CC
Roger Clemens/R. Johnson 2003 UD MVP Dual Base
Pedro Martinez 2004 Flair Diam. Cuts Jers. 90/175
Eric Chavez 2003 Fleer Authentic Jersey TC-EC
Jason Giambi 2003 Fleer Patchworks Jersey JG-NG
Jose Canseco 2002 Playoff Bat POG-68
Barry Zito 2004 Topps Chrome Heroes CHR-BZ
Omar Vizquel 2002 UD Sweet Spot Jersey S-OV
Horacio Ramirez 2004 UD USA Jersey GU-HR
Reed Johnson 2005 Donruss Champ. Bat
Miguel Tejada 2005 Zenith Positions Jersey P-6
Derek Jeter 2002 Fleer Genuine Jersey SS
Carlos Beltran 2005 Fleer Ultra Bat 60/399
Vlad Guerrero 2001 Studio Diam. Coll. Jersey DC-1
George Brett 2001 SP Leg Cuts Bat B-GB
Barry Bonds 2002 Fleer Triple Crown Diam. Jersey
Barry Bonds 2001 UD Gold Glove Jersey GG-BB
Barry Bonds 2001 Stad. Club All-Star Jersey 2398/4800
Nolan Ryan 2001 UD Jersey ALJ-NR
Tony Gwynn 2001 UD Legends Jersey J-TG
Tony Gwynn 2001 SP Auth. Cooperstown Jersey CC-TG
David Ortiz 2005 Studio Masterstrokes Jersey 238/250 (traded N/A)
David Ortiz 2004 Leaf SOMB Jersey SB7
Ken Griffey Jr. 2005 UD NL Artifacts Jersey 109/325
Ken Griffey Jr. 2001 SP Authentic Jersey UD-KG
A-Rod 2001 UD AS Salute Jersey SJ-AR1
A-Rod 2001 UD Legends Jersey J-AR
A-Rod 2001 SP POA Milestone Bat M-AR
A-Rod 2001 SP Fabric Jersey AR(M)
A-Rod 2002 UD Ballpark Idols Jersey US-AR
A-Rod 2002 Ovation Swatches O-AR
A-Rod 2004 Topps Take Me Out... Jersey TB-AR
A-Rod 2003 Leaf Home Jersey H-3 (already traded, not available)
Mark Teixeira 2004 Flair Diam. Cuts Jersey DC-MT
Mark Teixeira 2004 Fleer Genuine Jersey 87/250
Mark Teixeira 2005 SP Reflections Jersey FR-MT
Johan Santana 2005 Fleer Diam. Tributes Jersey DT/JS
Greg Maddux 2001 Topps Gold Label MLB Jersey GLR-GM
Greg Maddux 2001 Ovation POH Bat GM
Greg Maddux 2005 Fleer Standouts Jersey SO-GM
Randy Johnson 2005 Fleer Diam. Trib. Jersey DT/RJ
Don Sutton 2004 SP Leg. Cuts Jersey SS-DS
Andy Marte 2003 Bowman Fabric Jersey FF-AM
Bernie Williams 2002 Flair Power Tools Bat

Hockey :
Paul Kariya 2002 UD 1st Class Jersey UD-PK

Wrestling :
Brock Lesnar 2003 Fleer Wrestlemania Mat
Stone Cold Steve Austin 2003 Fleer Mattitude Mat