About Trusted Trader Points

Your completed trades will earn you Trusted Trader Points. Our points are recognized in sports card communities across the Internet. They're perfect way to show off your trading reputation Until you earn 10 Trusted-trader points your trade messages are approved manually by our moderators. Once you've earned 10 points your trade messages will appear on our trading boards automatically. To earn a point simply make a successful trade with a fellow member. Once you've both confirmed that you're happy with the completed trade, request that the person you've traded with award you a point.

You can only leave one point for each person you trade with. Why just one point per member? This reduces the chances of people abusing the system by repeatedly trading with the same one or two people and earning a ton of points. Earning Trusted Trader Points requires you to make many different members happy with their trading experiences with you.

After you've earned 10 Trusted Trader Points you'll be invited to join our Point Standings Room. In the Point Standings Room you'll see where you stand in comparison to the other traders. You're going to have fun watching yourself climb the ranks from Rookie, All-Star, Veteran, and on into the Hall of Fame. Hall of fame inductees receive a Samstradingpost.com cap. For the truly elite traders, the Commissioners Room awaits you.